9 Festivals in and around Metro Manila that celebrate diverse cultures and traditions.

9 Festivals in the Metro Manila Region

Whether in the form of comedy, music or poetry, a festival brings together diverse groups to discuss societal issues that matter. This is what the mantra “find your tribe” is all about.

In general, the festival organizers rated the impacts of their events highest for promotion of the place and creation of an additional tourist attraction. They also valued the impact on promoting local culinary products and preserving cultural traditions.

Zamboanga City Bird Festival

The bird festival was launched last year to promote the city and attract bird-watching enthusiasts and nature lovers, especially tourists from Europe. According to Bugante, the committee chair, foreign bird-watching enthusiasts have already confirmed their participation in the event.

This festival is held in time for the province’s founding anniversary. The festival features a parade of participants in colorful feathery costumes. It also includes a photo exhibit and poster-making contest for students. The wetlands around the city serve as roosting, foraging and stopover grounds for many migratory birds.

Dipolog P’gsalabuk

Dipolog City has a lot to offer. Its many malls and specialty stores make it a great shopping destination. The Cogon Eco Park is perfect for nature lovers. Its flora and fauna are truly breathtaking.

The P’gsalabuk Festival is the city’s way of promoting unity in diversity. It showcases the Muslim and Lumad cultures as well as those of the settlers from different places in the Philippines and Asia.

The city’s many tourists spots are also a draw. One of them is the Linabo Peak. Its 3003 steps to the top offer a great view of the twin cities of Dipolog and Dapitan.

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival

The city unfurls the colors of its multicultural society during the Hermosa Festival. The festival, which runs all through October, pays tribute to the city’s patron saint, the image of Nuestra Seora del Pilar enshrined in the historic Fort Pilar.

There are a number of events that take place during the festival, from street dance competition to a parade of lights featuring floats from establishments within the city. There’s also a fashion gala competition, wherein participants wear intricate traditional terno dresses that can sometimes take up to a year to make.

Hudyaka ZaNorte

Hudyaka is a Bisaya word that means merriment or celebration. It is the biggest festival of Dipolog City and it celebrates unity amonth the people of the city; Moro, Subanen and migrants. It features street dancing, cultural shows and agro-industrial trade fairs.

The re-staging of the Hudyaka Zanorte is in celebration of the province’s 71st founding anniversary. It also promotes the economic progress of the province. It was replaced by the Saulog Festival in 2022 under the leadership of Governor Rosalina Jalosjos.

Saulog Festival

A month-long celebration in honor of Bohol’s patron saint. The festival features trade and agricultural fairs, flower and garden shows, song festivals, beauty pageants, sports events and a street dance competition.

The Saulog street dancing competition, featuring contingents from the city’s 15 barangays, is arguably the most exciting part of the festival. It showcases the unity of Tagbilaranons as they display their fervor for their beloved patron saint. Months of feverish preparations are evident in every perfected dance move and intricate costume.

Pasalamat Festival

The Pasalamat Festival, derived from the word “salamat” or thanksgiving, is held every third Sunday of January. The event is an annual cultural and religious affair that focuses on tradition and identity.

The week-long festivities showcases the town’s rich culture and heritage as well as its gratitude for a bountiful harvest. Its vibrantly colored merrymaking draws local and foreign tourists in droves.

The festival features a fluvial parade (regatta), trade exhibitions, the Mutya ng Pagadian beauty pageant and carnival shows.

Sibug-Sibug Festival

The Sibug-Sibug Festival commemorates the founding anniversary of Zamboanga Sibugay. It also aims to promote the province as the Talaba (Oyster) capital of the Philippines. A kilometer-long oyster grill is one of the highlights of this festival.

The festival has a rich and unique culture. It features street dancing with ethnic themes and ethnic sports like horse fighting. It also celebrates the harvest of a round yellow fruit called lanzones. The festival lasts for a week. It is celebrated every February.

Sakayan Festival

The Sakayan Festival is the newest fiesta of Isabela City. It is a celebration of the town’s people who rely on fishing as their main source of livelihood. It also highlights the use of a traditional boat called ‘sakayan’ in their everyday lives.

It has a parade, cultural shows and sports competitions. It also has a food and trade fair featuring mushroom delicacies. The festival is held every April 25. It also marks the cityhood anniversary of Isabela City.

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